How To Get Salon Manicures At Home

Since the pandemic started, going out in public hasn’t been everyone’s number one choice. Things like getting a haircut and getting your nails done were not on our calendar. Though things have gone up and down since then, some of us still don’t feel secure hitting the nail shop. But that doesn’t mean your nails have to look like shit; you’ve got options.

Do your own gel nails

This is personally one of my faves and main go-to. I love being able to quickly polish and dry my nails without the waiting. Because with kids, Lord knows only I have about 2.7 seconds to even finish this post.

How to do it: Rough up your nail bed with a nail file, apply the base coat and cure in the UV light, apply your color(s) of choice and cure each layer, finish off with a shiny or matte top coat and cure. The whole thing takes about 20 minutes depending on how many layers of the colored polish you add.

Do your own acrylics

Have a bit more time on your hands? Get a complete acrylic nail set from here and go to freaking town. Here’s a YouTube video that goes into detail.

Order some glue-on nails

There is nothing wrong with ordering some full nails and glue to pop those suckers on really quickly. So long as you rough up your nail bed and use a reliable glue, you can get a full 2 week or more wear out of them. The great thing with this option is it’s no mess and you can pick any shape you want!

Click here for cute coffin nails for Autumn

Now let’s see those nails!

person in black long sleeve shirt holding black textile

Hope this helped and inspired you to do your own nails. Send me some pics on IG or comment them below; I want to see those nails! Share these tips with your nail loving friends, pun intended.

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