8 Insanely Clever Kitchen Storage Hacks and Solutions

We’re all smart in our own ways, but that doesn’t mean we have to reinvent the wheel. Leveraging these brilliant hacks and storage ideas from others is what makes you smarter. Let’s put the ol “work smarter, not harder” saying to use.

1. Hang your fruit in an under cabinet fruit bin


2. Use bins/shelves inside cabinet doors

More Storage

3. Use a Lazy Susan to organize your condiments in the fridge

Lazy Susan - Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susan | The Container Store

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4. Screw in Mason Jar caps underneath a cabinet

How to Make Hanging Mason Jars for Storage | HGTV

5. Put trays in your junk drawer

31 Days of 15 Minute Organizing - Day 9: Junk Drawer - Organize and  Decorate Everything

6. Use risers for more cabinet space

3 Stylish Solutions for Countertop Storage to Avoid that “Everything Just  Shoved Against the Wall” Look | Apartment Therapy

7. Hang mugs (or anything you can!)

mugs hanging from hooks on the wall
A kitchen has a deep white farmhouse sink, white dishes drying in a black rack, and white buckets hanging from a black bar behind the sink.

8. Store your food containers in a drawer with organizers


Let me know how you did!

Try any of these hacks or plan to? Drop me a comment and let me know how it went!

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